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San Pedro Cemetery Museum

San Pedro Cemetery Museum

The museum was founded in 1842 by an initiative of 50 elite families of the city who wanted to have a place to bury their relatives. In 1999, it was declared National Cultural Heritage for its rich heritage and artistic wealth.

San Pedro is the most traditional cemetery of Medellín. You may see emblematic European works in its courtyards and areas, which are embodied in sculptures and monuments by recognized artists of the period: Bernardo Vieco, Marco Tobon Mejia, Meliton Rodriguez and Agustin Goovaerts. You can see the beauty of the place through a guided tour, while you discover the mysticism that surrounds this place.

Helpful hints

Visit the Cementery with a guide
Attendt to  “noches de luna llena” full moon nights

Adress: Carrera 51 # 68 ? 68
Phone number: (+57 – 4) 212 09 51

Free admission