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San Sebastián de Palmitas

San Sebastián de Palmitas

This is the most rural township of Medellin and it lives at a slow pace, it has a peasant life, opposed to that of the city, its daily life is focused on the use of countryside as an agricultural space with coffee, plantain, onion and sugarcane crops, in a framework of natural conservation areas surrounding and protecting it.

Sugarcane and brown sugar loaf mills are now a window into the past, showing the process of artisan production of brown sugar loaf in times where they were the source of employment for the township.

Currently, it is a great scenic view to the West of Antioquia where you can appreciate the richness of the landscapes of the Cauca River, a situation that allows decorating natural balconies in the vicinity of the road, usable to take a break on the road and appreciate a lush panorama.

The geography of Palmitas is crossed by a network of ancestral paths within which pre-hispanic vestiges, terraces and fences can be seen; also colonial roads like “El Camino del Virrey” that manages to cross several townships; likewise, old bridle paths whose gutters bear witness to Palmitas vocation as a