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The Lights’ Park

The Lights’ Park

The Plaza de Cisneros project is part of the transformation process of the Guayaquil sector, which has represented one of the most dynamic sectors in the midtown area.

In 2002, a transformation of the sector began with several institutional projects aimed at physical, economic and social recovery of the place. 300 light towers located in the square make up a shadow forest in the day and a light forest at night. 16,000 square meters have been intervened.

The project aimed at involving three buildings: Carre, Vasquez and the Library of the Public Utilities Company of Medellin. This interaction was proposed to allow directaccess by public from the buildings to the plaza.

Previously, the market place that disappeared due to a fire, was surrounded by vehicular roads. With large columns of light pointing to the sky, Medellin offers its citizens and visitors a special place: Plaza Cisneros or Parque de las Luces (Light’s Park), as it is colloquially known

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