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Guidelines for getting around the city with the Medellin cable car


Guidelines for getting around the city with the Medellin cable car

Nowadays, Medellin is known not only for its development and growth. But it’s also famous for some of the most efficient transport services in Colombia. The Medellin cable car is one of the many local transport options around the city, which helps visitors to move around the city like locals.

Some history of the Medellin cable car

The Medellin cable car is part of the Valle de Aburra integrated transport system (known in Spanish as SITVA); along with the metro, the tranvia, the metroplus, the buses and the Encicla. It was created with the purpose of connecting people living on the outskirts of the city to the center of the city.

Medellin cable car lines

The cable car lines cross the entire city and connect with the metro, the tranvia and the regular buses. This allows people to get to any part of the city without any trouble. 5 lines form this transport system: J, K, L, H and M, which cover the following routes:

Let’s start with the Line J: it starts in San Javier Station, in comuna 13 San Javier, a place you can easily recognize because the famous escalators are located here. Without any doubt, this is one of the most important places to discover urban art in the city. This line goes all the way to Aurora Station, located in comuna 7 Robledo, where you can do many activities like paragliding.

Line L connects the last station of the line K, in Santo Domingo, with the Arvi Park. This is one of the most loved stops for tourist. While in the first part of the ride you can see most of the urban areas of the city, for the second half you will enjoy a panoramic sight of the most traditional vegetation with 17.000 hectares of natural forest; also, there are restaurants and hotels, as well as many outdoor activities, like horse ridings and walking tours. But remember, If you want to continue until the Park, you must pay a new ticket.


Finally, the Line H is the newest of the Medellin Cable car lines. Also, is one of the complementary cables of Ayacucho tranvia.

How much does it cost?

The regular cost of the ticket is 1 dollar. This ride goes from Acevedo to Santo Domingo. However, if you are interested in visiting Arví Park, remember that the cost rises around 2 dollars.

How long is it open?

The Medellín cable car is available from Monday to Sunday, from 4:30 a. m. to 11:00 p. m. But, if you are interested in visiting the Arví Park, it is opened from 9 a. m. to 6:00 p. m.

The Medellin cable car allows tourists to appreciate some of the most beautiful landscapes in the city.