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International Museum Day in Medellín: The future of tradition


International Museum Day in Medellín: The future of tradition

For more than 40 years, an international awareness about the importance of museums in the enrichment of cultures has been created, this year Medellín also wants to celebrate International Museum Day with very special agendas for all those interested in culture and history from the city.


The International Museum Day 2019 will focus on the new roles of museums as active actors in their communities “Museums as cultural hubs: The future of tradition” and that as museums are developed, their collections Stories become legacies of the new generations.

The Mesa de Museos de Medellín is made up of 27 organizations that seek to celebrate this international day with all the citizens and tourists who are in Medellín proposing extended hours, free entrance to exhibitions and cultural activations in the public space.


Some museums to visit

Casa Museo Pedro Nel Gómez

444 2633

Fundación Aburrá

413 7436

Museo de Antioquia

251 3636

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín MAMM

444 2622

Museo de Geociencias de la Universidad Nacional

425 5129

Museo del Agua epm

380 1790

Museo Universitario de Antioquia MUUA

219 5180

Parque Explora

516 8300

Planetario de Medellín Jesús Emilio Ramírez González

516 8300

Casa Museo Zoológico Santa Fe

444 7787

Jardín Botánico de Medellín Joaquín Antonio Uribe

444 5500

Museo Entomológico Piedras Blancas MEPB

460 1100

Museo de Ciudad

444 2633

Museo Etnográfico Madre Laura

252 3017

Museo Etnográfico Miguel Ángel Bulies

320 4488

Museo Madrea María Berenice

221 9820

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe

320 9780

Área Cultural Banco de la República

576 7400

Casa Gardeliana

444 2633

Cementerio Museo San Pedro

516 7650

Museo Casa de la Memoria

385 5555

Museo El Castillo

266 0900

Museo Viztaz

361 1314

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