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Placita de Flórez (Flórez Square)

La Placita de Flórez declared an asset of cultural interest of the Municipality because of its architectural, urban, historical and testimonial quality.

Salón Malaga

Malaga Lounge (Salón Malaga)

The Malaga Lounge, more than a remarkable site in Medellin, represents the survival of the old environment of the Medellin of the fifties, and an authentic sanctuary of the music of yesteryear.

Folkloric Ballet of Antioquia

The Folkloric Ballet of Antioquia Corporation is a non profit organization, established more than 27 years ago with the mission of working for the rescue and projection of the cultural traditions of our country, through different dance techniques.


Repostería Astor

En la entrada del establecimiento, se exhibían para antojo de sus visitantes las galletas, los alfajores de almendra, las nueces de miel, las canastas de chocolate, los bizcochos, entre otros.


Salón Versalles

Versalles remains an essential place in midtown for breakfast, lunch or just having a snack.

San Antonio de Prado

San Antonio de Prado is a star of roads within the framework of a large nature reserve, it was always a meeting place and inn for walkers where today the nascent tourist resources are starting to be linked,

San Cristobal

San Cristobel is a township that makes rapid transit from the rural to the urban, the city merges into the countryside and the countryside into a city, being this district the main producer of flowers and vegetables of the Flowers’ City.


The Lights’ Park

300 light towers located in the square make up a shadow forest in the day and a light forest at night. 16,000 square meters have been intervened.

Explora Park

Explora is the most important interactive center for the appropriation and outreach of science and technology in Medellín, it provides the possibility to stimulate, experiment, learn having fun and build knowledge.


La Pascasia

La Pascasia popular music cultural center, is an old mansion built in late 19th century, which has an auditorium, an art gallery, bookstore and features musical, literary, and plastic art activities.


Jesús Emilio Ramírez González Planetarium of Medellin offers its visitors the most modern planetariums in the world, with a digital dome for top-quality immersion experiences.

Plaza-Mayor Convenciones y Exposiciones

Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center

International Convention and Exhibition Center of Medellin. Plaza Mayor Medellin S.A., seeks to consolidate Medellin as a tourist destination for business, trade fairs and conventions.

Plaza de las Esculturas

Sculpture Plaza

The Plaza de las Esculturas or Plaza de Botero, as this place is also known, has an area of 7,500 square meters  with 23 sculptures of master Botero that you can enjoy.

Parque Lleras

Lleras Park

A place to fully enjoy the nightlife and have fun. Restaurants, cafés, discotheques and bars make it the favorite place for many people to enjoy a pleasant time on weekends.

La Presidenta Linear Park

The transformation that Medellín has undergone in recent years, also includes linear and natural parks, which are spaces for relaxation of all citizens and tourists.

Parque de Los Deseos y Casa de la Musica

Parque de los Deseos and Music House

The Parque de los Deseos and the Music House are some of the fantastic settings of the city that offer a wide range of cultural, educational and environmental activities for the enjoyment of children and adults.

Casa Teatro El Poblado

El Poblado House Theater

We are a cultural center in the Southern part of the city of Medellin, which promotes and develops cultural and artistic practices, as well as critical and creative dialog about community life, to contribute to the citizens’ integration, training and amusement.

Cerro Volador

El Volador Hill Eco-Park

It is the largest natural park within the urban area of the city of Medellin. It has an area of 107.13 hectares and 82 meters above the city level, and is one of the so-called seven guardian hills of Medellin.

Pueblito Paisa - Cerro Nutibara

Pueblito Paisa – Nutibara Hill

Replica of a typical Antioquia’s town. The natural environment is preserved at the Nutibara Hill, which allows having a panoramic view of the entire city, and is home to 61 species of wild flora and welcomes migratory birds.

Catedral Basilica Metropolitana

Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica

The Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Mary is one of the most stunning heritage constructions of downtown Medellín.

Basilica Menor Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria

Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria

One of the most traditional and historic places in downtown, as the majority of historians acknowledge that the first parish that gave origin to Medellin was consecrated around this temple, which was founded in 1649.

Edificio Vasquez

Vásquez Building

Its history and architecture are part of the charm of this construction. At the time, it was one of the tallest buildings in Medellin. This heritage building keeps the past of the city and It was restored to teach programs for families to enjoy.

Edificio Coltejer

Coltejer Bulding

It was built in 1972, has 36 floors and 147-meters height. It became the most emblematic building of Medellín, a symbol of industrial development and Antioquia’s pride. It is listed as architectural heritage of the city.

Edificio Carre

Carré Building

An architectural gem from the late 19th century which is located in downtown Medellín. Carré Building was built with adobe and has four floors, being the tallest building in the city in 1895.


La Pascasia popular music cultural center, is an old mansion built in late 19th century, which has an auditorium, an art gallery, bookstore and features musical, literary, and plastic art activities.

UVA Unidad de Vida Articulada

UVA (Articulated Life Units)

You can enjoy a place for healthy recreation in these fantastic settings located in different neighborhoods of the metropolitan area of the Aburra Vallley.

Terraza MAMM

MAMM Museum of Modern Art of Medellin

Since its foundation in 1978, the MAMM has made efforts to be a living, urban and current museum, and a place for meetings, knowledge and enjoyment that encompasses contemporary and diverse artistic and cultural expressions.

Pequeño Teatro

Little Theater

Pequeño Teatro of Medellin, is declared cultural heritage of the city and is located in a republican-style house that holds two theater halls, the headquarter building of the Actors’ Training School, a specialized library, an exhibition hall and a cozy café.

Teatro Metropolitano José Gutiérrez Gómez

Jose Gutierrez Gomez Metropolitan Theater

This is the most important theater in Medellin. It hosts events such as the International Season of Classical Music, the International Opera and Operetta Season and the season of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Medellín.


Memory House Museum

It is a place for the recognition of the victims of the armed conflict that took place in the city during the past 50 years.

Ruta n

Ruta N

Public corporation established to develop various programs and services to facilitate the economic development of the city towards intensive businesses in science, technology and innovation, in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

Escaleras Electricas Comuna 13

Commune 13 Escalators

The new generations have been responsible for building a new history drawn up with aerosol paint, know how the experience was.

San Sebastián de Palmitas

It is the most rural township of Medellin and it lives at a slow pace, it has a peasant life, its daily life is focused on the use of countryside as an agricultural space with coffee, plantain, onion and sugarcane crops.

Santa Elena

Santa Elena is the cradle of the Silletra culture, its people are prosperous farmers that proudly exhibit their culture and history.


Its cobbled streets, 22 churches and Mother Laura museum make Jericó a unique destination. This town has republican and colonial style elements that captivate both its residents and tourists.


A colonial architecture, a perfect climate and many colors converge in the municipality of Jardín, a magical town that you will love.

Palacio Nacional Centro Comercial

National Palace

Get excited while going shopping to the place that was the Palace of Justice of Medellín and that became a commercial center.

El Tesoro Parque Comercial

Park and Mall El Tesoro

Shopping center with wide corridors adorned with gardens, with a minimalist style that is easy to travel and based on nature.

Santafe Centro Comercial

Santafé Mall

The shopping center has the presence of Falabella, Divercity, and 25 stores in the food area. Also, the shopping center facilities include five sliding roofs. It is the largest shopping center in the city.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

The magic of this place is strongly depicted by the cobbled streets, whitewashed facades and tall doors as a testimony of the era in which settlers and slaves lived in this town, founded in 1541. 

Centro Comercial San Diego

Sandiego Mall

Integral Center of outdoor environments, beautiful gardens and varied commercial offer.

Premium Plaza Centro Comercial

Premium Plaza Mall

With 421 premises, 269 brands, 4 levels, 3 food courts, 6 movie theaters, 1436 parking lots, 43,537 square meters in commercial area, around 60 monthly events for the whole family.

Oviedo Centro Comercial

Oviedo Mall

Mall where the country atmosphere dominates, surrounded by business, financial and hotel centers.

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe

Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater

It is an emblematic cultural center of Medellin, located on La Playa Avenue. An open-door theater that links Antioquia’s regions to the center of the city based on its varied and permanent programming.

Teatro Águila Descalza

Águila Descalza Theater

Come with your friends and enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious cup of Colombian coffee after laughing at the colloquial phrases and gestures of Cristina Toro or Carlos Mario Aguirre, who give their whole life and soul to this place.

Teatro Lido

Lido Theater

Marvel at Lido Theater. Music festivals, plays, lectures, concerts and much more are part of the cultural programming that you can enjoy.

Otraparte Museum

The house where the  philosopher, Fernando González, lived , became  in to a museum to spread and preserve his legacy.

Casa Cultural del Tango Homero Manzi

Cultural House of Tango Homero Manzi

In one of the corners of the city center you can visit the cultural house Homero Manzi, dedicated to recreate the tango culture with pictures of the protagonists of the history of the musical movement.

El Castillo Museum

History and art come together in El Castillo museum, which was built in the medieval Gothic style. It opened its doors to the public in 1971. It belonged to the millionaire entrepreneur Diego Echavarría and his wife donated the building to the city.

Water Museum

EPM Water Museum is a place full of magic, a citizen’s setting for culture and education where you will be able to know everything about our most precious resource: water.


Museum of Antioquia

The museum displays 108 works of Master Fernando Botero, making it the museum with the largest collection of public art in the region. It is the perfect place to view pre-Hispanic, republican and contemporary masterpieces by national and foreign artists.

San Pedro Cemetery Museum

The museum was founded in 1842 by an initiative of 50 elite families of the city who wanted to have a place to bury their relatives. In 1999, it was declared National Cultural Heritage for its rich heritage and artistic wealth.

Pedro Nel Gómez House Museum

The museum headquarters is the house where Pedro Nel Gómez and his family lived since 1936. It was declared a museum in 1975. Be amazed at the fresco murals, watercolors and oil paintings that decorate the house.

Museum Casa Gardeliana

The Casa Gardeliana is the only one of its kind in the country. It is located in Medellin and is dedicated to pay tribute to the artistic values represented in Carlos Gardel’s life and work.

Mono, Zoológico Santa Fe

Zoo, Park and y Museum Santa Fé

Santa Fe Zoological Park was founded in 1960 to the delight of its visitors. Here you will be able to see 220 mammals, 473 birds and 229 reptiles, for a total of 922 animals and 238 species that come from Central and South America.

Arví Park

Arvi Park is a natural wealth of the city, declared protection forest reserve since 1970. The park offers the possibility to discover the magic of nature, flora and fauna, water, and the highly fragile and vulnerable cloud forests.

Botanical Garden

There you will be able to see several species of native flowers, learn about science, explore the diversity of the national flora in the South American or enjoy the Orquideorama architecture, an artistic construction with a genuine design.

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