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Medellin: A special place to explore and do some day trips


Medellin: A special place to explore and do some day trips

To travel, meet different places, connect with different cultures… Who does not like this? Nowadays, with so much stress that we have to handle in life, prioritizing a quality time is something essential. Turning these times into even day trips can be a great option to get rid of stress. Here we will give you some reasons to choose the most innovative city in the world: Medellín.


With a violent past, Medellín was once the most dangerous city in the world. With the subject drugs trafficking so strong because of Pablo Escobar, the city was a feared destination for a long time. However, Escobar is long gone, and this was in the 80s and 90s. During the last 20 years, the Colombian city reborn from the ashes. Now, Medellín is one of the most innovative and pleasant cities in Latin America. Once in Colombia, a trip to this city is mandatory for any traveler. Here you can also take some short day trips to see different things in this beautiful country.


Medellín has many attractive things. But for sure its weather is the reason number #1 why people take a trip to there. Besides being a great choice for people who loves day trips. Best known as “La ciudad de la eternal primavera” or, the city of eternal spring, Medellín offer to its tourists’ perfect weather to walk around with sandals.

Another thing which catches the attention of tourists is the modern public transportation system. Because of that, Medellín turned into a great choice to backpackers and practical people. Especially for who love using public transportation to explore the city! In addition to the Metro, Medellín has extensive bus routes in the city with inexpensive fares. You can find as well very inexpensive taxis.


These two points make many experiences of tourists classified as “easy” and “cheap”. That makes more and more people interested to go to Medellín. And anyone who thinks Medellín is just that is foolhardy. From Medellín you can do some day trips to unbelievable places. Some of them are:



For adventure tourism, this one is the right one! Two hours apart from Medellín, Cocorna is particular. Besides being a good point to do day trips, there, you can have an amazing paragliding experiences in Colombia. The take-off site overlooks the town below and your flight takes you over a waterfall in the jungle. So, if you want a unique paragliding experience, it’s the place you must visit.



The pretty little lakeside town of Guatape is unbelievable. That city has colored streets filled with many stories and unique architecture. If travelers do a one-day trip from the City of Eternal Spring, the chances are it will be this one. Totally worth it for a day trip.



It’s a truly worthwhile one! Jardin is arguably one of the options to who is taking day trips from Medellin. With a cute central plaza which is filled with tables to its locals share some coffee mixed with long conversations, Jardin is well worth the effort it takes to visit. The city has also tours available to local coffee farms and waterfalls.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

looking for traditional architecture and a hot climate. The city gives you a relaxing time out of the city, and the Puente de Occidente bridge is a marvel of engineering. This city is one of Colombia’s network of ‘Heritage Towns’.

Hacienda Napoles Adventure Park

Photo taken by: Motero Colombia

With its zoo, a butterfly enclosure, water park, and concrete dinosaurs, this place was once the favorite place of Pablo Escobar. This option can be taken by tour directly from your hotel and is an awesome day trip. There you’ll have time to stroll through the hacienda or cool off in the water park.

These are some of the many options that you can have in Medellín. After knowing a little bit more about it, from now on, the only danger that you could be afraid of is to fall in love with this city! What are you waiting to book your trip to Colombia? Get your day trips ready right now, book your flight and enjoy the ride!

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