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Information to the traveler about Medellín during Covid 19

In Medellín we are taking care of ourselves to take care of you.

Since the health emergency began, citizens have behaved responsibly and the decisions of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín have been an example for the country and the world regarding the mitigation of COVID 19.

Medellín is officially in the phase of its COVID-19 recovery plan and has begun the gradual process of reopening individual businesses and attractions.  From June 1 to July 1, a new stage of isolation began called “citizen responsibility“, in which quarantine is maintained and expects to reactivate trade in a phased manner with  biosecurity protocols both by companies and by citizens.

People must remain in quarantine and may go out to do necessary errands or to stock up only on the days allowed according to their last ID number, they must also comply with the biosafety protocols listed below:

  • Wear masks whenever you leave home and if you remain in the workplace.
  • Practice social distancing from at least 2 meters away from other people everywhere.
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid highly contacted surfaces.

Medellín took the lead in Colombia in the fight against the Covid-19 and is taking firm steps in the economic revival with the opening of shopping centers. All commercial establishments are open, except restaurants that can only offer their services for delivery. Hotels, bars and cinemas will not be able to operate yet, nor can events be held where people gather.

It is important to give continuity to the preventive and self-care measures that are being carried out for the benefit of all of us who inhabit the city today in times of COVID-19:

Peak and ID (Peak hour)

The peak and ID in Medellin consists of a strategy of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the nine municipalities of the Valle del Aburrá metropolitan area in which the last number of the identity document determines the days when you can leave home.
Moreover, foreigners residing in the city, may go out to do their shopping and errands complying with the restrictions according to their identity document in their passport or immigration card.
To check the days corresponding to the peak and ID, visit the main page of the website of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.

National and international flights

National and international flights in Colombia are suspended until August 31, 2020. Only cargo flights, public health care, state operations and authorized humanitarian missions are allowed.

Humanitarian flights

Almost 10,000 colombian nationals have returned to the country through more than 80 humanitarian flights operated by commercial airlines. The value of the transfer ticket is paid by each traveler and they must be previously registered in the Consular Register of the Colombian Chancellery.
It is imperative that people who travel to the country during quarantine on humanitarian flights accept the recommendations of the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection (Minsalud) and fully comply with the mandatory isolation that is looking to preserve the lives of all those who are confined in Colombia.


Public transport in Medellín operates without exceeding 35% of its capacity and should only be used during peak and ID days, with the exception of people who carry out activities in the quarantine decree and have a special permit to transit without such restrictions.

Transport by private vehicle, motorcycles and bicycles

People who commute in this type of transport may do so by accepting the respective security measures and obeying peak and ID guidelines in Medellín’s metropolitan area.
Check here the necessary measures if you are a user of a private vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle.


The hotels are not open to the general public and their activity is limited to the attention of health personnel who work in the prevention, mitigation and implementation of biosafety protocols for the management of COVID-19.


Banks in Medellín may be visited if required, obeying peak and ID days, as well as the capacity and control strategies defined by the bank in its biosafety protocols.
It is important to confirm the bank’s service hours before making a visit, as some do not operate on weekends or have changed their opening hours.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers in Medellín can only operate with 30% of their capacity and under strict biosecurity protocols. Is necessary to be informed prior visits to verify the measures.
As for the currency exchange traders, it is advisable to visit the ones that remain in the shopping centers and check their availability.

Museums and libraries

They can be visited as long as their capacity does not exceed 30%.


Commercial establishments were recently opened with the aim of reviving this important economic sector. As in the above cases, retailers and customers must comply with the biosecurity measures.

Commercial entertainment and restaurants

These places are still closed and can offer their products online or home delivery, taking into account the corresponding sanitary measures.