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Medellín full of art

Medellín full of art

The end of the Flowers fair does not mean that Medellín runs out of activities. The city continues with all its cultural offer for adults and children. Every day of the week a different presentation for all art lovers.

Medellín is a City of Artists, and it is that different entities have proposed to have a cultural agenda every day of the week, so all the people who visit the city will have the opportunity to know the artistic side of Medellín.

Following next we share what happens every day of the week in Medellín:

  • Monday of museums, more than 20 museums in the city have exhibitions to present to the public.
  • Tuesday enjoy of the art at the Pequeño Teatro.
  • Wednesday at La Pascasia concerts, literature and other arts.
  • Thursday enjoy of the Ballet Folklórico of Antioquia and assist to the presentations of Casa Teatro el Poblado.
  • Friday at the Teatro Matacandelas experimentation with theater, music and puppets.
  • Saturday go to the Teatro Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob and dance to the sound of tango in the Salón Málaga.
  • On sunday the agenda continues with Cultura al Parque, open museums and presentations of the Salón Málaga.

Make your own agenda and contact the cultural entities of the city:

  • Ballet Folclórico de Antioquia (+57 – 4) 4448550
  • Corporación Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob (+57 – 4) 2160708
  • El Pequeño Teatro (+57 – 4) 2393947
  • Salón Málaga (+57 – 4) 2312658
  • Fundación Casa Teatro El Poblado (+57 – 4) 3211100
  • La Pascasia (+57 – 4) 5808600
  • Teatro Matacandelas (+57 – 4) 2151010