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Medellín, Full of handicrafts

Medellín, Full of handicrafts

From June 29 to July 8 Medellín offers the largest exhibition of Colombian artisans, so all regions of the country meet in Plaza Mayor to offer their latest and beautiful articles.

Expoartesano is a space worth visiting and enjoying in Medellín, and if you were in love with what you found at the fair, the city also offers its visitors various places to buy crafts full of technique and design.

1. Museums

The main museums of Medellín offer local shops where you can buy handicrafts, jewelry and other designs made with the hands of artists from the region and the country.

2. Parque Explora y Jardín Botánico

In their respective premises they not only offer different crafts, but also specialized objects alluding to nature and technology. These items are usually manufactured by small businesses in the city.

3. Paseo Junín

Going out to “juniniar” is one of the activities that paisas have been doing for years, the activity is to walk through Junín Street today a pedestrian street and enjoy the commercial premises of the area, among them you can find different handicrafts and emblematic objects region of.

4. Artesanías Caballo de Troya

Caballo de Toya is located on the Las Palmas road, it is not only a commercial place, but also an unmissable cultural attraction, where artisanal works from all over the country are exhibited.