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Flowers Festival 2019

Medellín in 360

Medellín in 360

Medellin is known for its landscapes full of contrasts and colors, its friendly and close people. Exploring Medellín is recognizing its sounds and tasting its flavors and feeling its aromas, that’s why Medellí invites you to have a unique experience through 360 video.

Today you can tour 6 representative places of Medellín with 360 videos and binaural sound also known as 3D sound, put on your headphones to improve the experience.

Come and live Medellín!

Enjoy the Metro of Medellín

Move between graffities with the Tranvía

The flowers blossoms in Fair

Enjoy the theater in Medellín

Learn how to dance salsa in Medellín

Bread and relax at the Arví Park