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Medellín is a city of artists at the International Poetry Festival

Medellín is a city of artists at the International Poetry Festival

Parks, libraries, theaters, universities, museums, corregimientos and shopping centers will be the scenarios to invite the people of Medellín to raise awareness in the spirit of dialogue and loving care of the earth and life.

The International Poetry Festival will take place between July 14th and 21st in Medellín. It will involve 9 original nations from all continents and in the cultural offer of the event there will be readings of poems and stories, rituals and ancestral shamanic chants, ancient Asian and Australian songs, concerts, dialogues on sacred and medicinal plants of the people indigenous groups, courses, conferences and workshops for children and young people.

The Festival encourages the Colombian people to delve into their pre-Hispanic roots and to nourish themselves in the crucial present of their tortuous history, in opposition to the devastation of nature, of existence and spirituality, to return to community life along the way of poetry guided by the thirst for infinite solidarity, dignity and beauty.

Among other guests will be the Querubín Queta shamans (Cofán Nation, Colombia), Berito Kuwaruwa (U’wa Nation, Colombia), Taita Víctor Jacanamijoy (Kamsa Nation, Colombia), Miguel Izquierdo (Iku Nation), Argemiro Askue (Nasa Nation, Colombia), Eutiquio Jerónimo Sánchez (Nahuatl Nation, Mexico), Warren Warbrick (Maori Nation, New Zealand), Manibinigdiginya (Kuna Nation, Panama), Nikolai Oorzhak (Republic of Tuva, Russia), Fredrik Prost (Sami Nation, Sweden).

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