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Moravia Hill: another example of transformation in Medellín

Moravia Hill: another example of transformation in Medellín

The hill of the neighborhood Moravia in the North zone of the Center of the city gathers in its interior part of the history of Medellín. In the hill were deposited from 1977 to 1984 the garbage of the city, land that later was occupied informally by displaced families from other sectors of Moravia, the city and the country.


The characteristics of this area were environmentally and humanly impossible for people: precarious housing, soil instability, presence of industrial waste constant emanation of toxic gases.


The transformation of the hill of Moravia neighborhood included among its actions the recovery of the territory, </ b> plots with replanting of plant species, construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants, consolidation of two productive units for economic development of the community and strengthening of social organizations.

In total, with the integral intervention of the hill, more than 40,000 citizens have benefited so far.

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Moravia today

Moravia has 30 thousand square meters of gardens and plots, the Moravia hill is the largest garden in Medellin and an example of social resistance in a city that went from being the most violent city in the world to become a benchmark of resilience and urban development and transformation.

4.4 hectares have been intervened, which means that about 70% of the land in the sector has been recovered and turned into a garbage dump 40 years ago.

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Through the community leaders of the neighborhood, Moravia hopes to become a benchmark for the emerging community tourism in the city.