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Gastronomy in Medellin

We solve your doubts about our cuisine and we invite you to taste the culinary culture of our city and country

Where can I eat Bandeja Paisa?

The restaurants where you can eat the best bandeja paisa are:

  • La Hacienda.
  • Hatoviejo.
  • Mondongos.
  • Doña Rosa.

Where can I buy fresh fruits and vegetables?

You can find a great variety of fruits and vegetables in:

  • Plaza Minorista.
  • Plaza Mayorista.
  • Almacenes Éxito.
  • Carrefour.
  • Euro.

Which restaurants have live music?

  • Restaurant La Causa in Laureles and Poblado
  • La Pampa Argentina
  • Delirio Exquisito Poblado
  • La Matriarca
  • Hatoviejo
  • Al Patio
  • La Provincia

Where can I try arepa paisa?

You can find the traditional arepas in J&C Delicias, Guille Arepas and Mi Arepa in Unicentro mall.

Where can I eat handcrafted pizza?

There are several pizza places in Medellín:

  • La Pastizzeria and Pane e Pomodoro in Laureles.
  • Artigiano, Della Nona, La Rotonda and Olivia in El Poblado.

What bakery or pastry can I visit?

If you want a traditional bakery we suggest you:

  • Repostería Versalles, and The Astor in The Downtown.

There are also others such as:

  • Santa Elena
  • Tortas y Tortas
  • Deli, Mikaela, Valentina and Santa Leña.

Where can I buy typical candies?

You can find our typical sweets in:

  • Pueblito Paisa establishments.
  • Artesanal Warehouse located one block from the Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • Repostería Astor.
  • Repostería Santa Elena.