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Transformation in Medellin

Medellin is a great reference of transformation, discover Medellín is to know its transformation, its growth and development, if you have any doubts, we will solve them.

What days can you visit Comuna 13?

You can visit the Comuna 13 every day, nevertheless we recommend you to do it in the morning and at noon.

Which companies offer the graffitour tour?

Can I visit the Comuna 13 without the need of a companion or a guide?

Yes. The Comuna 13 can be visited without a guide, taking into account appropriate hours such as morning and noon.

What gastronomic offer can be found in the Comuna 13?

You can enjoy mango biche ice cream made by a family that lives in the commune, you can taste a rich and healthy hamburger or take a good coffee around the course

What does the Casa de la Memoria Museum refer to?

It refers to the memory of the victims of violence in the city; Showing locals and visitors different scenarios, photographic and historical samples that reflect the lived reality.

How much does the entrance to the Casa de la Memoria Museum cost?

It is the only Museum in the City in which the entrance fee is not charged

Are there other places in Medellín that show the transformation and history of the City?

Within the offer of transformation we can find places such as:

  1. Moravia, Moravian Cultural Development Center: Its community garden and its surroundings you can appreciate a little the transformation and change in the city.
  2. UVA Units of Articulated Life: These are spaces created in association with the City Hall, EPM and the INDER of a public nature that allow to strengthen the citizen meeting around life and equity.
  3. Tranvía de Ayacucho: This being the backbone of Medellín, it is known as a center of transformation and innovation and offers activities such as: walks through the area, its architecture and heritage, drinking a good coffee, a glass of aguardiente, appreciating its murals and taste its gastronomic offer.
  4. Ruta N – Center for Innovation and Business: Born as a symbol of the most innovative city aimed at boosting the economy, generating greater competitiveness through processes in science, technology and innovation.

What site of interest can be known and visited through audio guides?

The Museo Casa de la Memoria has tours with audio guides.

Where can I take the Tram and What can be visualized during the tour?

The tram can be taken at the San Antonio station on Line A of the Metro. Around this route you can visualize the local transformation through Murals (graffiti), creation of new spaces between them gastronomic and places of natural recreation located in the last station (East) of the Tram.

What mobility systems are considered sustainable and In what hours can I visit them?

Within the mass transportation system of the city known as the Medellin Metro you can find different means of transport completely sustainable such as: Metro, Metroplus, Metrocables and Tranvia. The hours are between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm.