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San Pedro A Cemetery that is also a Museum

San Pedro A Cemetery that is also a Museum

Touring the San Pedro Cemetery Museum represents a fascinating experience to understand the cultural and architectural heritage of the city through the various funerary monuments erected in memory of prominent figures in the history of Colombia.

In 1999, for its patrimonial and artistic richness, it was named Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

In the courtyards and areas of the San Pedro Cemetery Museum, there are emblematic artistic works of Europe captured in sculptures and       monuments of recognized artists of the time: Bernardo Vieco, Marco Tobón Mejía, Agustín Goovaerts, among others.

The beauty of the place can be appreciated in a guided tour, while discovering the mysticism that surrounds this place.

Among others, in the San Pedro Cemetery Museum are buried great personalities of the history of Colombia such as the writer Jorge Isaac.

What to do at the San Pedro Cemetery Museum?

Sunsets at the Cemetery

Enjoy the arrival of the night in the magic that encloses the Cemetery: visit the tombs and mausoleums, visit the galleries and take part in a thematic cultural intervention.

Guided tours

Through a guided tour, you will learn about the history of the San Pedro Cemetery Museum, the history of the personalities who lie here and their emblematic tombs.

Consult the timetables and program your guided appointment at following the link:

Today the Cemetery is a living open-air museum where anyone can evoke the remote or immediate past of Medellín: a place where history never dies.

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