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Things to do in Medellín for your vacations

Things to do in Medellín for your vacations

Lately Colombia has been one of the most postulated countries to go and enjoy you vacations. Not only because of the beauty of their people but also because of the magnificence of their landscapes.

One of the most visited cities is Medellín known as the city of the eternal spring; the weather here is always between 17 and 23 Celsius degrees, even though it can present small storms. Medellin’s surroundings are always ready to welcome travelers with its unique cuisine, its spectacular sites and the warmth of its people. In this article will give you some advices about things to do in Medellín. Here is our top 8 of things you must do in Medellín when you visit this wonderful city:

2. Berrío Park

The Berrío park is a public space located in the heart of Medellín. Accessible by metro, the Berrio Park is famous for the tourist Plaza de Botero. It has many of the imposing statues of this famous Colombian artist and the temple of La Candelaria.

3. Explora Park

Childrens and families especially have fun at Explora Park, an interactive center where science and technology are the center of attention. Here you learn about inventions that have contributed to humanity development.

You can also visit The Planetarium and the aquarium that are in Explora. Here specimens of different species that inhabit salty and sweet waters of Colombia are displayed.

Near this park you find the Botanical Garden, a large living museum located in the heart of Medellín. Its main objective is to create experiences of encounter and coexistence for the city, integrating research strategies, about the relationship of the human being with the natural environment.

1. Arví Park

You can get from Medellín by Metrocable to Arví Park, in the village of Santa Elena. Here travelers find an ecotourism reserve full of trails for walking and cycling. Also, this natural park, is ideal for resting, sharing as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends. Here you have the chance to enjoy the gardens, contemplate its scenic beauty, feel the forest and appreciate the immensity of water.

Perfect to visit in family and enjoy the amazing view of the entire natural environment present in our last recommendation. You can visit these two amazing places in Medellín in one day.


4. Galería de Arte Urbano del Tranvía de Ayacucho

Medellín is known as one of the cities in Colombia where you can find amazing pieces of urban art. The Urban gallery in the Ayacucho Tranvia is an open-air gallery, for its creation national and foreign artist participated, here you´ll find approximately 32 art pieces including murals, graffiti and sculptures.

The facades of 680 houses were painted with vivid colors, in order to resemble the tonalities of the flowers transported by the silleteros, who used the same route when they came down from Santa Elena.

5. El Pueblito Paisa

As every typical town it has a fountain and a monument to an important character, Tomás Carrasquilla an important writer.

A faithful reproduction of a typical Antioqueño town from the beginning of the 20th century. El Pueblito Paisa was built on the top of Cerro Nutibara, about 80 meters high. It offers a unique point of view towards the city of Medellín. These two places are a must go when you plan things to do in Medellín.

5. Jardín, Antioquia

Located in the southwest of Antioquia, Jardín is considered one of the cutest municipality of the department. Jardín has a wide variety of natural attractions such as Cueva del Esplendor, which is an hour and a half from the town center; the trucheras, places where you can go fishing and consume fresh fish; and grindings, and the coffee tour.


Here are our recommendations of things to do in Medellín. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the city of the eternal spring where you and your family will find all types of activities to do and places to visit. Medellín will just blow your mind because of the beauty and magic that remains in each corner you go.