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Commercial premises, sculptures, buildings with unique architecture, and non-stop conversations in the midst of hundreds of people who come and go ... This is the center of Medellín.

La Alpujarra Administrative Center

Its official name is "José María Cordová Administrative Center", a place where the departmental administrative powers of Antioquia and the Municipality of Medellín are concentrated.

Plaza de las Luces

Formerly called "Plaza Cisneros", the square has 300 luminous poles that are 24 meters high. Its structure resembles the hypostyle rooms of ancient Egyptian temples.

Pedestrian Carabobo

It was a road for vehicular use until the beginning of the century. Now it is destined for pedestrian traffic, and when you travel, you can visit several tourist, shopping and gastronomic sites.

National Palace

Located on the Carabobo pedestrian promenade and formerly the seat of government entities of the municipality. It is currently a shopping center.

Veracruz Church

Located on the western side of the square that bears its name. It was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation on March 12, 1982.

Museum of Antioquia

It was the first museum founded in the department of Antioquia and the second in the country. Formerly, its building was known as "The Municipal Palace" since it was there that the administrative power of Medellín was managed.

Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture

Formerly, this building was known as the "Palacio de la Gobernación de Antioquia" or "Palacio de Calibío", since the departmental administrative power of Antioquia was managed there. Today it is the headquarters of the Institute of Culture and Heritage of the Government of Antioquia.

Nutibara Hotel

Located in the center of the city and adjacent to several tourist sites. Its name comes from the Indian Chief that lived in the region; its halls are named after different Amerindian peoples who lived in the country.