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Flowers Festival 2019
La Playa is a main street where the Santa Helena stream flows. Today totally paved, it is surrounded by representative buildings and many stories.

Barrientos House

The house was formerly used as a home for the family that bears the same name. Casa Barrientos is one of the few houses that remain on Avenida La Playa. After its restoration and adaptation, today it is the headquarters of the Children's Reading House.

Fine Arts Palace

Republican court building on the north side of Avenida La Playa. Considered an architectural jewel of Antioquia aesthetics. It was designed by maestro Pedro Nel Gómez. There, the Fine Arts Institute operates, from which great personalities have come out, such as the pianist Teresita Betancur, the sculptor Rodrigo Arenas and the caricaturist Ricardo Rendón.

Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater

Traditional reference of the cultural scene of the city. It was another of the masterpieces of the architect Pedro Nel Gómez. The theater has one of the best acoustics for the musical and theatrical works of the city, and is part of the more than 20 museums in Medellin.

House of Memory Museum

One of the most recent museums in the city, created in 2006, it is a space in the center of the city where the memories of the actors of the armed conflict in the region have a living and symbolic place.

Placita de Flórez

Since its construction in 1891 by Mr. Rafael Flórez, hence its name, the small square has witnessed innumerable uses that have been given to it, from police headquarters, passing as a bull circus, convent for the clergy and a girl’s school until it became what it is today. It was the first covered market place that Colombia had. Today, you can find flowers, aromatic and medicinal plants, butcher shops, vegetable stores and the occasional handicraft and grocery stand.

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