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Flowers Festival 2019
Come and visit one of the green lungs of Medellin, fall in love with the traditions of this area farmers and hold a silleta, this is a journey full of nature and paisa’s tradition.


This is the second and last station, Line H of the Metrocable. According to the popular culture of the region, it is said that Arvi park station is inspired by the leaf of the trees that prevail there.

Arví Park

Arvi Park is part of the natural wealth of the city, declared a protected forest reserve since 1970. The park provides the opportunity to discover the magic of nature, flora and fauna, water, and the highly fragile and vulnerable cloud forests. Here, there are still some vestiges of pre-Hispanic settlements and roads of the indigenous peoples who inhabited and traded between Aburra and San Nicolas valleys.

Silleteros’ Farms

There are more than 15 farms where you can experience the silleteros’ culture, you will be able to learn how to assemble a silleta, to learn about the variety of flowers and taste typical dishes of Antioquia’s traditional culture. You will also be able to see agricultural crops such as vegetables and aromatic plants.

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