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Flowers Festival 2019
This is one of the areas of Medellin exclusively dedicated to knowledge and amusement. Have fun and learn in a unique place.

Jesús Emilio Ramírez Planetarium of Medellin

It is located in Parque de los Deseos. The planetarium features a permanent exhibition on space history. The idea of having a planetarium in the city was originally conceived by students from San Jose school, which held the first astronomical observatory of the city of Medellin.

Los Deseos Park

It is an urban park with eight attractions aimed at relating the universe with people. There, you can also find the Planetarium and the Music House where musicians and dancers can be trained. This park offers elements and options that allow understanding astronomical concepts based on ludic activities, and its influence on water, communications and energy.

Explora Park

It is an interactive museum of science and technology, located in the northern area of Medellín, which has been the transformation hub of the city. It has the largest freshwater aquarium in Latin America. Its architecture is already a symbol and hallmark of the region because its rooms consist of four large red "boxes".

Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden

At the end of the 19th century, it used to be a family-owned restaurant called “Los Baños del Eden” (Eden Bath House). In the early 20th century, it was called "Bosques de la Independencia" in honor of the centennial of the independence of the department of Antioquia. At present, it is a natural and architectural jewel of the city.

Parque Norte

It is the first mechanical amusement park in the city of Medellin for the enjoyment of all people of different ages.

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