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Traditional dishes that became fashionable in Medellín

Traditional dishes that became fashionable in Medellín

Currently the typical cuisine in its new versions draws the attention of the spotligh, now we show you how the traditional dishes of Medellín have been transformed.

1. Empanadas

The empanada traditionally stuffed with potato, is one of the dishes more recommended by the paisas at the time of having breakfast, to use like entrance in a dinner or to pass the time with the friends.

Over the years this dish has found new companions, its traditional fillings has changed for meat, vegetables, chorizo ​​and pork rinds, a great variety of empanadas have taken the market with their multiple appearances and flavors, becoming a must for Medellin.

2. Chicharrón

The chicharrón is one of the must important foods in the Medellín’s gastronomy, paisas eat it as a complement to the bandeja paisa or just with an arepa

The chicharrón becomes the king when he arrives at a party, now a little more refined can be found in the form of ceviche as a very successful crispy pastry.

3. Cazuelitas

This soup made with beans, corn, pork rind, shredded meat, avocado and potato gravel is the ideal option for those who love the bandeja paisa in a smaller version. However, the casserole has gone from having the traditional ingredients to try other options such as rice and chorizo, for those more daring is the ranchera casserole with sausage, chicken, tomato sauce and barbeque sauce.

The Cazuela gathers all the flavors of Antioquia in a soup.

4. Arepa

If the chicharrón is the king, the arepa is the queen of Antioquia, this delicacy of corn can not be absent in all the meals of the Antioquenos; with butter and cheese at breakfast, with meat at lunch and with a thousand other options at dinner.

The arepa lends itself to be the best companion, which is why it is always fashionable, in its multiple versions: large, small, thin, chocolo, white corn or yellow corn, the paisas do not tire of trying it and combine it with all kinds of meat, legume and vegetables or simply with whatever you fancy.

5. Avocado Dessert

The avocado in an exotic fruit that has accompanied for generations the food of the paisas. The paisas have created wonderful juices, recipes and desserts based on this wonderful fruit.

The avocado dessert causes a sensation due to its smooth and creamy texture that generates great pleasure to the palate, a dish that is fashionable in Medellín.