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What is Medellin.Travel?

Medellin.travel is the Official Travel Guide of Medellín. A tourist promotion tool owned by the Municipality of Medellín, where information, resources and services are easily and integrated to solve the travel needs in our city.

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Our Award Winning Expeditions

"What a delight it is to be in Medellin, to walk through its streets and squares like this one, the Plaza de las Luces ... it was the scenario I chose for a photo of the project # ustednoestáaquí"

By Frank Coronado

"The Parque de las Luces in Medellin consists of 300 lamps of 24 meters that light up at night, the sensation among them is incredible, Medellín seems an interesting, modern and enormous city"

By De Euscadiz al Mundo

"Medellin, have you visited it? It's such a cool city with individual bars and pretty boutiques, a few days was definitely not enough ... It's definitely a place I'd like to return on another trip"

By Alex Outhwaite

"A whole neighborhood that draws, paints, sings, raps, dances of hope, it's called Comuna 13 in Medellín @Medellin_travel, thanks for the opportunity to learn more about its beautiful city!"

By Sebomi Jang

"In the Museum of Antioquia, enjoying alone the hall about religion of the great paisa Fernando Botero, Medellin is a city full of art and culture"

By Vero4travel

"This is how I say goodbye to Medellin, today I came to Guatapé, a town two hours from Medellin, and went up to this viewpoint, on top of a stone, over 700 steps to reach this 360 degree view. I did not want to go down ... Thanks Colombia for these beautiful days "

By Aniko Villalba

" Thank you Medellin for allowing me to connect with you, thank you because you gave me more than I dreamed and you made me grow. thanks to travel for allowing me to see what I did not see before and feel what I did not feel before."

By Go Carlos

"We should never judge a community because of its past ... especially when its present is full of desire to improve its future"

By Alex Tienda