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Why is Medellín is a city of artists?

Why is Medellín is a city of artists?

Here are the reasons!

Silletera Culture

The Silleteros are Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation since 2014, because they represent the culture of Antioquia that they transmit from generation to generation.

Botero City

The Botero Square is an open-air museum with 23 monumental sculptures donated by the master Fernando Botero, located opposite the Museum of Antioquia that houses a collection with 217 works also donated by the master.

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Social Transformation

Through art and culture, Medellín has been able to transform territories and communities.

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Medellin has more than 20 museums as an alternative for training, use of free time, meeting, recreation, coexistence and civic culture.

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Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals have become places for citizen encounters. They live art and culture for children, youth and adults to enjoy the public space. The Festival of Book and Culture has managed to position itself as the fourth most important book fair in Latin America.